The leadership structure of AFMC is composed of the following:

The board of governors is the supreme authority of the AFMC. It is made up of the official representatives of the entire membership of the AFMC. It is currently lead by an interim Chairperson His Eminence Shaban Ramadan Mubajje, Mufti of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.
His Eminence Shaban Ramadan Mubajje

AFMC also comprises an executive committee made up of;
• Finance committee
• African women’s consultative committee
• African youth consultative committee

Board of Trustees are members appointed by BOG from within member states to support AFMC.

The AFMC has an administrative body that is responsible for general management, administration and coordination of the council’s activities. Sheikh Ebraheem Ssali is the current Executive Secretary

The Governing Structure

AFMC Currently has an interim Governing Board consisting of members from within the 28 member states.
AFMC is in preparations for its first General Assembly that will review and pass the current leadership structure. A General Assembly Preparation Committee has been appointed by the Executive Secretary at the current Secretariat to organise this meeting.

  1. The General Assembly shall consist of up to 100 members that will include; Business Delegates, All members of the Governing Board, Representatives of different Supreme councils, Non-Business Delegates, All Trustee Members of the AFMC as non-business delegates, Muslim Women and Youth Delegates, All members of any Muslim Women Organization, All members of any Muslim African Youth Organization
  2. The Interim Governing Board which currently is composed of senior religious leaders who bear active leadership portfolios in their respective Supreme councils in their countries.

It is Chaired by H.E Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje. Mufti of the Republic of Uganda.
The Executive Secretary is Sheikh Ebraheem Ssali

  1. Executive Committee
    The membership of the Executive Committee shall be a Committee of the Governing Board and shall consist of following persons from among the Governing Board:
  1. a) The Chairman of the AFMC
  2. b) The Treasurer of the AFMC
  3. c) The Executive Secretary of the AFMC
  4. d) 10 representative members from the national from Supreme Councils
  5. Muslim Women Representative
  6. Muslim Youth Representative

The Interim Secretariat

An interim secretariat has been put in placed under the leadership of the Executive Secretary who oversees and coordinates the work of the staff.
The secretariat has currently registered staff members in these positions;

  1. Head of Programs
  2. Administrator

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